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Special Features


The ultimate motive behind in the class of KINDERGARTEN-NURSERY is to inculcate the concept of “LEARNING THROUGH PLAY” or “STRESS FREE EDUCATION” in a conducive atmosphere. So. the school has set up a room for Audio-Visual Class on the method of “SEE AND LEARN”.


  •  ‘Eminent doctors visit the place every year and a complete health ,checkup of every students is conducted which includes of total vaccination programme and basic dirtary recommendation.


  • A grand sporting event is commenced every year in the school in which sports competitions are held for all the games and prizes are ,distribute to winning teams and individuals.


School has fully equipped computer lab with the latest machines and qualified teachers. The School is committed to develop a practical approach of learning in the students. Remove the shoes before entering the computer lab and keep in the shoe-rack. Wipe of the feet on the door mat before entering the computer lab. Do not bring any outside floppy. Unless and until needed do not boot any system in the lab. Don’t move or shift the V.D.0 from its position. Always insert the disk properly in the disk drive before closing its driver door. Do not pay with computer peripherals and wires. Do not scribble on the machine casing wires and tables. Always come with your group. Do not bang the keys, press them softly. _ Always open and close the lab’s door as instnicted.


Keep perfect silence in the Laboratory it is essential for concentration and successful scientific work. Keep your apparatus carefully, table and note book neatly. Add reagents in proportionate amount, this is the key to success. Keep the reagents stoppered. do not change the stoppers of the ‘ bottles and also do not disturb the arrangements on the self, keep the reagents at their proper place. Do not shift the bottles horn the common shelf. Do not throw broken glass pieces, match sticks, filter paper etc. in the sink, throw them in the waste box kept for the purpose. ‘ Shake the test tubes while heating do not throw hot and concentrated adds. Specially conc. sulphuric acid. Pass hydrogen sulphide gas slowly in the solution, it is a very poisonous gas. do not leave the gas stopper open. Any damage to lab apparatus/ equipments will have to be made